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    Azita is one of those special souls who only wanted to help others. I have the privilege of being her best friend and soul mate. We spent the last few years of her earthly life together, sharing every aspect of each other's lives. During that time, I found out what it was like for a person to be obsessed with the desire to help others.

    The last four years of her life, Azita suffered from the ravages of breast cancer. And even though she was suffering, she could only think of working as a physician so she could help others. Because she loved people, and only wanted to help improve the lives of others. So, she volunteered at a homeless clinic, and a doctor's office to do just that, even though she barely had the strength to walk.

    You see, Azita's disease was already well advanced when she was diagnosed four years before she passed on. It had spread from her breast to her lungs, liver, brain, and bones. She had several compression fractures in her back at the time she was diagnosed. Because of this she constantly suffered tremendous pain, not only from her fractures, but also from the cancer. So, any kind of activity added to her pain and suffering.

    Azita also maintained hope that she could beat the cancer and continue with a normal life. It is because of her eternal hope and desire to help others in the face of adversity that I see her as a shining beacon of inspiration. And it is my hope that through her story someone, who may be suffering the way she was, may also have hope for themselves. Or that someone, who may have the potential to follow a career that will allow them to help others, will do just that. Lastly it is important to learn from Azita's mistake, get regular checkups and mammograms, a woman should not have to die from breast cancer.

    The following selections have been taken from Azita's personal journal in their original form. These are a few of her thoughts, which Azita only wrote for herself, and they represent a small part of her. By reading these, I hope that one can get a small glimpse of who this beautiful person was and is. This is a work of love, and a work in progress, so I will be adding more in the future.

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